Legion of Valor

The strength of the soldier is the legion, 
the strength of the legion is the soldier

As Catholic men, we are increasingly fighting a quiet battle alone. Yet we are not alone. We are surrounded by other like-minded men engaged in the same battle. But we’re all fighting separately.

It’s time to close ranks. It’s time to pull up from the grind and gain some much-needed perspective. It’s time to take stock, to recharge, to refocus. It’s time to re-engage our mission as Catholic men.

We invite you to join the Legion of Valor overnight event June 8-9. The program will include mass, opportunities for confession, a series of short conferences, and opportunities for outdoor leisure time, reflection, and some physical work.

Give us 24 hours. We'll give you a change of perspective.

Join Us for the Spring 2019 Overnight!

June 8-9 - 9 am to 9 am
Villa Maria Catholic Life Center
1903 E. Lake Shore Dr.
Springfield, IL 62712