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Financial Support for Legion of Valor Events

Like all works of the Church, the Legion of Valor depends upon our stewardship for its ongoing vitality. While there is no charge for the overnight events of the Legion of Valor, we do encourage and welcome free will offerings. The cost of the event, excluding outside speaker charges, is roughly $80 per attendee.

Fall Overnight

October 16-17, 2021

From Christendom to Apostolic Mission

An apostolic age, especially one now emerging from the ruins of a Christendom culture, needs to be clear about the sources of the church’s strength in the battles she faces. In a mission setting, the Church does not move by majorities. Our problem is that the Church is still in a Christendom mode, either seriously compromised by the ruling vision of the wider culture or using outmoded strategies that were devised for a different context, and so it is unable to cope with the current culture. The task at hand is to find ways successfully to engage members in the Church – and those outside of it – with the truths of the Faith.


Villa Maria Retreat and Conference Center
1903 E Lake Shore Drive
Springfield, IL 62712

Fr. James Mason
Fr. James Mason

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Feb 26-27, 2022

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